All of our Cactus Silk Cushions are one of a kind and woven on a vertical loom using traditional techniques. They are dyed using natural colours and then gently faded under the Moroccan sun. Our Cactus Silk Cushions are beautifully soft to touch and feature hand embroidery design on the front with a plain back. 

Dry clean only.
Do not spot clean.
This is a delicate handmade piece and should be treated accordingly.
Any liquid will affect the natural colour and can cause the natural vegetable dyes to run and or transfer to other materials.
Please also take care when filling and un-filling your cushions, be gentle with the zips as the fibers tend to catch easily.

As this is a handmade Artisan item, slight variations may occur. These may include fading, colour variations, imperfect lines etc. These details are a part of each textiles unique history and adds to its special character, incredible beauty and value.

If left in direct sunlight cushion will fade.



All our rugs are washed before leaving Morocco. You may find some loose fibres due to the recent washing which will only occur for a short period of time. Even though they are thoroughly cleaned some rugs will still retain some fine grains of desert sand as some are placed directly on the floor in more remote areas of the Atlas Mountains (it doesn't get much more authentic then that!). This will also reduce after a few household vacuums. Wool is a resilient material and is pretty resistant to wear and dirt which makes it perfect for rugs! These rugs are pretty resilient and robust and have lived a lifetime before even reaching us. 

It is very important to rotate your rug every 3 months to ensure an even wear process. Vacuuming & shaking out your rug regularly keeps professional maintenance low and slows down the ageing process. It is also a great idea to hang your rug out in the sun for a few hours, as long as it is in a safe space and the weather permits.
Rugs can shed a bit of fluff, this is normal and is not a sign that your rug is falling apart. It is best to vacuum/shake your rug often at first and after some time the shedding will lessen and eventually stop.
For any spills, immediately use a damp cloth with tepid water to help avoid any stains.
We recommend our rugs, cushions and blankets to be cleaned by a professional. As the natural dyes will easily run if not attended to correctly. 
Like most things, our pieces require regular maintenance in order to last as long as possible. This includes regular vacuuming, rotation and periodic professional cleaning. They are made from premium, natural materials (not synthetic).



Like our Vintage Moroccan Rugs, The same applies for our Vintage Moroccan floor cushions that have been repurposed from vintage Moroccan rugs. These should be cleaned by a professional, and spot cleaned with only tepid water to avoid stains, take care when filling your floor cushion and zipping as loose fibers may get caught.